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EMT Certification

IRP Takes EMT Certification to the Next Level

The International Registry of Paramedics is known more popularly as the IRP. We are a professional organization that offers certification options globally to EMTs- either as individuals or organizations from any international location. The IRP is composed of representatives, exam developers, EMS content specialists, and test examiners from each of the locations we serve.

EMT certification offered by the International Registry of Paramedic provides these benefits to EMTs worldwide –

  • Builds Confidence for EMT Professionals

  • Develops EMT Professionalism

  • Boosts Morale of New & Seasoned EMTs


The International Registry of Paramedics’ certification assessments require the credential-seeker to demonstrate they possess the minimum educational requirements denoted by the NHTSA (the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Act).

EMT Certification from IRP requires test-takers to pass a proctored, computer, multiple-choice, fixed-time-limit examination, plus a formal test of one’s psychomotor skills. Professionals who seek to earn the IRP International EMS Certification –

  • Are required to take the exam at an IRP-approved testing location within a predefined time limit. The exam’s content is organized as follows –

    • Medical Emergencies — 20% of the exam.

    • Cardiology & Resuscitation — 20% of the exam.

    • Airway, Respiration & Ventilation — 20% of the exam.

    • Pediatrics, OB-GYN, & Geriatrics — 15% of the exam.

    • EMS Operations — 5% of the exam.


  • Must successfully pass the certification exam for the level that matches their skill and experience. Credential exams require exam takers to synthesize and apply data and to demonstrate critical thinking skills.


At the International Registry of Paramedics, we are ready to serve your EMS and EMT credentialing needs. For additional information regarding the IRP credential or to inquire about our services, please use our online contact form.

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