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About Who We Are

About Us


International Registry of Paramedics is focused on improving the quality of competence level and is dedicated to improving patient outcome on an international level.  Our content and curriculum is based on current EMS educational standards worldwide.  Our certification will help providers, educators, prehospital personnel and local governemental agencies increase the credibility and validity for each candidate.  We combine international EMS educational standards, knowledge and skills to develop certification competency evaluations for each EMS certification level. 

Governing Committee 

International Registry of Paramedics is governed by multiple international advisory committees made up of physicians, nurses, and paramedics who have dedicated their lives to emergency medicine and have practiced in the field as prehospital professionals and EMS educators.  Our governing committees have reviewed and approved all licensing curriculum and have determined that it have met and or exceeds EMS educational standards set forth by NHTSA and international EMS educational standards throughout the world.

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