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IRP offers Professional Paramedics International Certification Opportunities

The International Registry of Paramedics (IRP) EMT certifications offer these benefits to EMTs worldwide –

  • Confidence Building for EMT Professionals.

  • Develops EMT Professionalism.

  • Boosts Morale of New & Seasoned EMTs.


For professional EMTs and paramedics, the International Registry of Paramedics’ certification offers them the opportunity to earn an international certification. The credentialing process requires potential candidates to pass a formalized exam and to complete a psychomotor skill test. These exam parts are based on the minimum educational requirements set forth by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Act, among other credential/licensing authorities in the countries IRP serves.

At IRP, our professional exam developers and emergency management professionals stand ready to meet your managerial needs regarding emergency services employees. For additional information regarding IRP’s services, please reach out via our online contact form.

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